Just Say No


Keep Calm

It happens. You get offered a singing, writing, acting or production gig for very little pay. You already know that the hours will be longer than promised, the work will be unnecessarily hard and you may be needed for more than that day or week originally proposed. You know this because your gut/intuition/spirit has already told you. Listen to it! It knows what’s best for you.

You say, “Yeah but, I need the money.” I say, “At what cost?” Do you really think that this is the last gig that will ever come your way? Sounds like someone is operating from a place of fear. Your skills are valuable and your instinct is priceless.

Sure there’s the occasional favor that you do for that company that always hires you and pays well. You know they can make the low pay up to you on your next gig with them. However, even when those situations present themselves, listen to your gut. It’s okay to just say no. I promise it won’t be the end of the world.

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