A Georgia Peach, Adolpha The Great is like one of those “strong female leads” in movies, except real. Known for her smart, brutally honest humor, her goal: Saving people from themselves whether by simply intercepting drunk text messages or encouraging politicians to not run for office in their twilight years.

Adolpha The Great is a freelance writer for the big and little screen as well as the web. Her latest work is a web series titled Cynthia and Her Cats. Some other notable works written by her include the highly praised play The Double Minority Comedy Hour, as well as a sequel. Her writing is both thought and laugh provoking.

On top of her superhero duties, she is also a Reiki Master and a stand-up comic. Her jokes combine a traditionalist’s sense craft with a forward-looking conscience that touches on everything from racial issues to poverty to overpriced jeans.

Adolpha The Great received a BA in Broadcast Journalism from Georgia State University and a Specialized Associate degree in Film & Video Production from Full Sail University. Since then, Adolpha The Great has coordinated countless music videos, commercials, concert tours and managed corporate events. Her other gigs are too numerous to list but certainly explain why she recently published her first book, In Between Time: How To Make It Until You Make It. It is a practical guide for the overstretched Hollywood dreamer.

Like every superhero, Adolpha The Great has a weakness: aged cheese. Saving people from themselves can wait when a cheese plate is near. She currently resides in the Bay Area or what she refers to as Base Camp.