Advice Posts



How many distractions have you stockpiled?

-Internet Surfing
-Happy Hours
-Sports Events
-Helping Others
-Video Games

There’s nothing wrong with any one of these things. However, when you consistently take on three or more of these activities, you’ve:

(A) Already reach your goals
(B) Are consumed by distractions and are nowhere near your personal goals.

It’s time to clear the clutter.

A small percentage of your time can go to whatever. That leaves the majority of your free time to focus on your writing, singing, acting, photography or whatever your goal in life is to do or be. Stop using your distractions as an excuse or simply admit to yourself that what you keep saying is your goal, is not what you really want to work towards. That’s cool. People will appreciate your honesty and continue to “like” the next selfie you post at some party.

Just Say No


Keep Calm

It happens. You get offered a singing, writing, acting or production gig for very little pay. You already know that the hours will be longer than promised, the work will be unnecessarily hard and you may be needed for more than that day or week originally proposed. You know this because your gut/intuition/spirit has already told you. Listen to it! It knows what’s best for you.